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Charlotte McKinney doing the best she can to keep those boobs in her top

05.27.2016by: No Cool Handle

It may be a little more than a challenge to find a tank top Charlotte McKinney can pack those mounds in – the one she's wearing in these photos is seriously constricting. They're stuffed in there so tight, her nipples are almost converging in the middle (I've never seen a pair of tits look cross eyed before). This burger babe is filming movies now, landing roles in Baywatch: The Movie, and even a new film with J.K. Simmons called Late Bloomer; further proof having huge knockers can open a seemingly endless amount of doors. Speaking of man-made portals: she may have big boobs, but that will only create a small window of opportunity. Before you know it she'll be 35 and those things will be so saggy, she'll need kneepads to support them. Then some younger, hotter babe with large jugs will come along and steal all of the busty extra roles right out from under her nips.

Source: ns4w


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