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Charlotte McKinney delivers the goods for new Guess campaign

01.13.2017by: No Cool Handle

If you take a minute to think about it, Charlotte McKinney should have spent the last two years doing shit like modeling for new clothing lines. Has she had a hard time landing these kind of gigs or is she supremely confident in her ability to land a rich tit fan to aid in the building her fortune? Either way, simultaneously assembling a cushy nest egg and her financial independence would be the sensible thing to do – sugar daddy or no. But it hardly matters, I'm sure those two heavy handfuls are capable of generating revenue streams I've never even heard of. I'd just prefer to wake up and see more sexy campaigns like this one for Guess, even if I have to endure the greased up male co-worker fondling my would-be wife. Charlotte looks damn good stripped down to her skivvies, leaving very little to guess about. Now if only her next shoot involved selling some clothing company's new line of invisible lingerie.

Source: Guess


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