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Charlotte McKinney continues to keep it classy

05.12.2016by: Droz

If you're the sort of person who envisions themselves capable or at least willing to try to make a move on one of the many hotties we feature on this site, one avenue for you to explore is The Nice Guy restaurant in LA. Pretty much all the biggest names frequent this Italian spot at some point in any given week. They also appear to have a very nice bar, as evidenced by many a staggering hottie emerging from their dimly lit environs during late night hours. If you do go there looking for a famous hookup, make sure you stay away from Charlotte McKinney. I know she makes a tempting target, but it appears she has a substantial collection of bodyguards in her employ to discourage that. I guess I can see why. Her openness with the T&A shows has probably deceived more than a few misguided men into thinking she's a sure bet. That and her proclivities with nude leaf blowing.

Charlotte McKinney nude photoshoot
Source: Superior Pics


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