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Charlotte McKinney busts out in a tiny red dress on her new movie set

06.29.2016by: Cherry Liquor
While they don't have her listed in the cast just yet, that minor detail wasn't going to stop Charlotte McKinney from catapulting LITERALLY RIGHT BEFORE AARON into its biggest search percentage to date. McKinney might even top Jessica Rabbit for best use of a cleavage baring red dress in a movie, a feat that's stood unmatched for nearly 30 years, long before Charlotte was even born. I might not have seen her in the cast list for this movie (although Cobie Smulders fans will be happy to see their girl returning to comedy once again) but it appears that McKinney will be making an appearance in next year's BAYWATCH movie as a "local" perhaps because let's face it. As nice as those legs look in that dress (and her legs definitely don't get the accolades that they deserve because - yowza!), those boobs make those bikinis look good. If you have any doubts, let them all be settled with that look of utter joy on the face of the guy assisting Charlotte on the set.

Source: Daily Mail


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