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Charlotte McKinney brings her natural burger boobs to the Bowl

01.23.2015by: Droz

In case you didn't believe that model Charlotte McKinney was being groomed as a Kate Upton successor, you'll want to check out the Super Bowl ad she's featured in for Carls Jr. You'll recall Kate's brief time spent cramming Carls Jr.'s massive, sloppy burgers into her gaping maw a few years back - an ad campaign which helped make Kate and her maximum cleavage a global phenomenon. Now it's Charlotte's turn to be on the fast food track to stardom. This time around they're playing with imagery by marching Charlotte through a farmer's market, her bikini bound boobies concealed by approximately sized fruit and vegetables - at least until it's time for her to show off their new slop burger, at which point Charlotte's bouncy brilliance comes out full bore.

Is this going to be sufficient to stop Patriots and Seahawks fans from rushing off to the bathroom during the commercial break? Perhaps, if they really like tits, burgers and produce. Or they could feel free to go take that hot wing and nachos inspired dump and watch Charlotte bounce them boobies right here.

Source: Carls Jr.


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