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Charlotte McKinney wearing the bare minimum required by public decency laws...again

08.04.2015by: No Cool Handle

Somehow I get the feeling these photos of Charlotte McKinney are emblematic of her day in day out routine. Exercise, shopping and talking on her cell phone; the latter most definitely because there's hardly a candid shot where she's not on that goddamn thing. Wearing only a tank top and booty shorts, there's no doubt this girl loves attention. She knows that in this age, where almost everybody is readily available to preserve her current state in some digital format, her wardrobe choices must make it impossible for anybody not to compulsively snap stills. If you asked her she would probably just say, "no, this is just what I wear to work out." Yeah right; but enough of my assumptions. The only reason I say that is because she's been too exposed to the world of obsessive babe watching to not know whenever she steps outside, it's only a matter of time before she crosses paths with the camera lens.

Source: Got Celeb


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