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Charlize Theron shines in WSJ magazine, at Huntsman premiere in Hamburg

03.31.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I don;t know how she does it. Charlize Theron definitely looks older now than she did when we were first introduced to her at the start of her 20's but as far as her beauty, it has not been hampered one bit. Theron still can rock a photoshoot, like this one she did for WSJ magazine (yes, that's the abbreviated name for the Wall Street Journal and yes, they're including spreads with lots of lady skin showing to get people interested in what having money can do for you) but she looks so effortlessly, elegantly beautiful when showing up for the more low-key movie premieres, like this one for THE HUNTSMAN: WINTER'S WAR that was held in Hamburg. I wish she could improve her choices in dudes, as there hasn't been a single one that has been up to the standard I believe she deserves (and argue all you want about Sean Penn being a great humanitarian, he's also a deeply flawed, narcissistic fella with too big of a chip on his shoulder for her to be saddled with). Perhaps we should just get her to hook up with Katy Perry and solve both of their relationship issues in one shot.
Source: Daily Mail


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