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Charlize Theron let us see pretty far down her amfAR gala dress

03.27.2017by: Droz

Charlize Theron was making quite a statement at her appearance on the red carpet for this amfAR event this weekend. So powerful a statement was it that she had to throw on a coat to keep that statement subdued while doing her presentations for said event. I'm not sure what Charlize's boobs have to do with AIDS research, but I'm down for whatever reason she can find to show them off. Woman is hanging in there nicely as far as boob qualities go. You can tell she's got a few years behind her now, but not so many that she can't pull of an event like this in as sexy a dress as she's wearing here. She's still got a quality about her that sets her apart from the rest. Such was the case at the start and it still is. Plus, Charlize is cool with playing the sex-charged character she portrays in ATOMIC BLONDE - maybe even excited to play such a seeming relentless nympho. That's maybe the best reason to view her as a cut above.

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