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Charlize Theron is showing growth on the set of Tully

09.27.2016by: No Cool Handle

Strange things are afoot in our Northern hemisphere. Either Charlize Theron put her boobs through hours of prosthetic wizardry to see those kind of gains, or there's a lot of radiation spreading across the city of Vancouver. We've seen the dedicated thespian undergo dramatic transformations for her art in the past, but how she targeted her weight gain directly at those mounds is a talent the likes of which we've never seen. To speak in financial market terms: the third quarter of 2016 saw strong growth in the titty sector; our analysts are reporting record highs. For you bullish investors out there, we're putting a heavy buy recommendation on D cups, girdles and tank tops, despite rapid inflation is what usually indicates a bubble that's about to burst. As you can see from some of the stills, TULLY is the latest collaboration between Jason Reitman and Charlize Theron – probably written by Diablo Cody, as well. In a role that called for much more boob than Charlize is known for, the regal Theron found a way – and you better believe we'll find our way to the theater.

Source: Hawt Celeb


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