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Charlize Theron has always been an oasis of beauty and sex appeal

10.20.2016by: Droz

Dior cosmetics has rounded up a number of Hollywood's most beautiful women to hawk their wares in elaborate ad campaigns. One of their better employees in this vein is Charlize Theron, who did her thing for the Dior line out in some sort of a desert billabong or something. It's very impressive how Charlize cleans up for these kinds of things. A lot of times when I see photos of her, she's walking around LA in sweats or something, doing mommy things or whatever and not really giving too much of a damn about glamour or any of that shite. But then when it's time to fly out to the photo shoot location, she transforms herself from the ragged mom into the most beautiful woman in the world. I'm sure the Photoshop helps her accomplish this Superman like transformation from mom to international beauty phenomenon. Although the BTS scenes sprinkled throughout the gallery below would also suggest Charlize is doing much of it all on her own. All these years later and she continues to put everyone else to shame.

Source: Dior


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