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Charlize Theron exists in a constant state of sexy

03.30.2016by: No Cool Handle

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Charlize Theron is ... longevity. That describes her career (she's reprising her role from SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN in the sequel THE HUNTSMAN: WINTERS WAR), looks and sex appeal perfectly. Just look at the images WSJ produced for their April issue; images depicting just how disobedient to father time the mega-movie star really is. Beyond her looks, here's how co-star Emily Blunt describes her: “Charlize is the most self-possessed person. She doesn’t baby you—she treats you like a grown-up. And after the take, she tells you the dirtiest of dirty jokes.” I love me some dirty laughs; I especially love the idea of such a proclivity translating into dirty speak during intimate moments. She may be playing the role of an insecure queen, but in life, Charlize Theron needs no stinking mirror to tell her she's the fairest of them all - and the dirtiest, apparently.

Source: WJS


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