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Charlize Theron brings some sexy leg action to W Magazine

04.21.2015by: Droz

You always know when Charlize Theron has a movie or something coming out, for that's when she starts upping the volume of hot magazine spreads she does. I get the feeling that such things aren't of much interest to the MAD MAX: FURY ROAD actress. She seems far more content to hang out with her kid and fiance. Too bad, as she's so good at it. Just check out this W Magazine spread. 20 years of making with the sexy in magazines like this and the girl hasn't missed one step. That's an impressive thing. I could have done without the cigarettes, but I suppose I can overlook it this one time.

Does anyone else get turned off by hotties smoking? I'm not trying to ally myself with some sort of political or health advocacy prohibition. If they could find a way to let people smoke without it having to waft into the air I breathe, I'd be all for it. As far as I'm concerned, if folks want to f*ck up their health, that's their choice. Still, knowing what we know about those things, I find it rather ridiculous that anyone would willingly put one in their mouth. Doing so implies a certain recklessness in their thinking. Again, that's their choice, but don't expect me to be a party to it.

Source: W Magazine


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