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Charlie XCX rolled out the stoned look at Rolling Stone Live

02.02.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I swear I have to look up Charlie XCX's age every time I go to post on her because she looks like a drunken 14-year old most of the time, even if she dresses more provocatively than most of the other young singers right now. According to all sources that seem legit, Charlie is 22-years old, which makes her belligerent face at Rolling Stone LIVE's concert series in Scottsdale, Arizona, all that much more safe to tease her about. I don't know where to start, though. With the Steven Tyler schmoozing? With the typical middle finger throwing and boob grabbing on stage? With the eyelet cut leather skirt that is so high you can see her black underwear through the peepholes? The lavender colored dress isn't terrible, I suppose. Charlie was on hand with Aaron Paul and David Spade for the party thrown by Miller Lite, but I have yet to see images of those dudes with any visible body piercings or butt crack hanging out. I am keeping my fingers crossed, however. Aaron Paul butt crack is the bomb, yo.
Source: Daily Mail


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