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Charlie Riina with a mouthful of meat

03.07.2016by: No Cool Handle

Sadly, the title is literal, not the half-witted innuendo you may have been hoping it to be. These are still some hot photos featuring Playboy Cybergirl Charlie Riina, even if they are as creatively uninspired as that previously mentioned (fake) innuendo of mine. The whole idea of her eating raw meat seems like an after though; a quick grab by the photographer's assistant as soon as they realized the shoot was missing something. Assistant: I found some meat. Photographer: Perfect! Here you go honey, gnaw on this. Thus these images were born, forged from the fires of poor improvisation skills. I would have her slapping her ass with some Kobe beef or grilling skewers on that perfectly flat stomach of hers, then, you'd be implying she has the sizzle. At least some nice views of her rack and legs came from this shit, making it possible to uphold my solemn vow to keep the internet community updated with sexy Charlie Riina pictures.

Source: Hollywood Tuna


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