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Charlie Riina is back with more boobs, booty and bottled water

09.22.2016by: No Cool Handle

Anyone good enough to read my inconsequential musings on the hottest women of our time knows I love to harp on 138 Water – their corporate greed and manipulative marketing practices make them and easy target. Today, however, I thought I'd focus on some of their redeeming qualities. 138 water, like Walmart, employs many retirees. It used to be a Playboy playmate would get her moment in the sun and fade back into obscurity. Now, many of them are coming out of retirement to exploit their bodies for the sake of higher margins on bottled water. Charlie Riina is one of their favorite go to girl's, and in her case, not exactly a retired playmate; appearing on covers like the International Playmate of the Year Edition not but three months ago. Thanks to her continuing business relationship with 138 Water she's getting much more exposer than she would have in a pre-Internet era. Ironically, it's the water company who provides consumers full on views of those spectacular tits. And even though I don't agree with the cost of their product, I sure do appreciate the way they go about selling it – manipulative or not.

Source: Got Celeb


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