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Charlie Riina in leather and lace bikinis is as awesome as it sounds

03.10.2016by: No Cool Handle

Here we are with another egregious waste of water from marketing department at 138 Water. Well, maybe not a total waste. These are some pretty steamy photos of former Playboy Cybergirl Charlie Riina in a supple leather bikini. This girl is getting a lot of work recently; not just two days ago she was featured in a pictorial where raw meat was the only thing on the menu, now, she's washing all that gamey flesh down with a few bottles of 20$ water – talk about versatile. She is one of the more obscure Playboy bunnies yet she remains gainfully employed. You can see why - that's one fantastical bikini body she's got there and she's totally down for liberating those big, fake boobs from their oppressive holster apparatus whenever the photographer calls for such exposure. Yes, that's me suggesting a quick Google on her behalf... 138 Water gets these girls into tit-bearing mode from time to time.

Source: 138 Water


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