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Charli XCX was all about the T&A at the NME Awards afterparty

02.18.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I don't know as much about awards shows over in London (hell, I don't invest much in learning about awards shows this side of the pond either) but I find it cute that the NME Awards give out golden gongs as their statues. Probably more apt than the spacemen that the MTV VMAs hand out, although I'm old enough to vaguely remember "The Gong Show" being about banging people off the stage with the circular musical, um, tool. NME stands for New Musical Express, which means absolutely nothing when it comes to appreciating the ample cleavage singer Charli XCX had on display as she arrived at one of the afterparties with her own Best (Breast?) British Solo Artist gong. That entire category is ripe for the T&A references, ain't it? While Charli's voice is fun and frisky (I actually rather like her song "Break the Rules"), that body of hers is serious business and she has this hybrid Amy Winehouse/Lily Allen vibe going on to her personality that I probably should be put off by but instead am fascinated with. She'll probably crash and burn spectacularly but in the meantime I'm enjoying the view.
Source: Mirror


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