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Charli XCX takes it all off - sort of - for 2017 Grammys after party

02.14.2017by: Cherry Liquor
It always takes an extra day for the funnier outfits that appeared on a red carpet at big events like the 2017 Grammys to show up in everyone's feeds. Usually I noticed when Charli XCX shows up for something like this because she's a refreshing change of pace from so many other carefully constructed looks without being so overly strange or flesh-baring like the crazy Miley years but even I missed her change from the red hot look she wore during the Grammy arrivals to the after-party dress she put on. The slip dress looked to have its body airbrushed on with real material forming the bra & panties, something that wouldn't have been too out of place for the singer if she had worn it for real. (Those bikini top tennis outfits are a testament to her overt style.) I love that it was different without making her look garish or cartoonish. If anything, Charli is continuing to prove herself a step-aside from other pop stars right now.
Source: Daily Mail


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