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Charli XCX sparkles in a number of sexy looks for Diamond Wright photoshoot

10.28.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I had to go looking up the career of Charli XCX just so I could better vet myself about the British singer with the trashy throwback looks (I keep thinking that it's 1989 when I see her, she has that heavy metal girlfriend look that Kelly Bundy made iconic), finding out that her voice is behind a lot of the catchy tunes getting sold for ads these days. That Icona Pop song "I Love It", where Charli kittenishly sings the lyric, followed up with "I don't care..." seems to be the clip of choice for so many commercials these days that I suppose I can understand why there are some people out there who don't like her all that much. Sure, the middle-school punkish lines in most of Charli's songs are far too immature for serious music lovers to appreciate, but I can dig the hooky quality. And I finally found out that she uses Charli XCX as her stage name because it was her messenger handle on MSN. So, mystery solved, zoinks and shit.
Source: Got Celeb


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