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Charli XCX serves up the sexy in a mini tennis skirt at Pop City concert

07.22.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I'm going to wager a bet that Charli XCX has been wearing some sports gear when she's off the stage, what with those newly defined ab muscles of hers looking as tight as an athlete's when she was performing songs from her upcoming new album at Create nightclub in Los Angeles this past Wednesday night. The British pop singer has always had a fit body, which she's dressed up in various see-through and low-cut styles over the past couple of years but she's definitely ramping it up with the teeny metallic bikini top here paired with a super short tennis skirt that gave the eager crowd in attendance a clear view of her delightful undercarriage. And because the current generation doesn't understand what being "in the moment" is like unless they're sharing everything that they "see," of course there were plenty of video clips available from the show, so you can check out Charli in motion as well. (Or you could skip the audio and just watch this on an infinite loop.)

Source: Daily Mail


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