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Charli XCX practicing the art of provocation for Boohoo clothing

04.28.2016by: No Cool Handle

If you're on the internet you've most likely come across one or two British pop singers with big tits who have been able to make a semi recognizable name for themselves - you'll mostly remember the tits, though. Charli XCX is one I actually recognize by name, only because there's always that split second where I ask myself: What does XCX mean? I never find out; the question is rendered null and void by the fact [that] I couldn't be any less curious. This has me caught in a perpetual loop of being uninformed; something I wear as a badge of honor. To be honest, I never found much about her appealing, but I know there are many who do. And she does look pretty damn good peddling sexy outfits for, I'll give her that. Rita Ora is still my favorite busty (and slightly famous) British pop star, although, I don't think she'd begrudge me if I take a moment to look over Charli.

Source: BooHoo


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