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Charli XCX can make something as hot as the desert even hotter

04.28.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

The whole trashy girl who likes to drink and screw everything that she comes across kind of style of music is one that I'll gladly admit I like. Ke$ha and Rihanna come to mind and ever since Charli XCX came onto the scene, that's kind of been her method as well. It kind of gives me hope, you know? If she really is DTF every dude she sees, that's a better chance with a women I'll ever get. I may as well keep listening to her music and keep up with every word just in case we ever meet each other, you know? Anyhow, a magazine that goes by the name of Asos recently did a photoshoot with the hottie for their June issue. They threw her in some cute outfits and flung her out into the desert and let her do her thing. I think she looks absolutely beautiful here and I know that I can't be the only one given how much I hear my friends talking about how very hot she is. I know you all will feel the same way. 

Source: Got Celeb


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