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Charli XCX brought a couple of things with her to Paris Fashion Week

10.04.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I should be telling you that I'm not a fan of the synth pop music that Charli XCX makes but frankly, her high pitched warbling reminds me of 1980's stuff like Bow Wow Wow and yes, I hate myself for liking to listen to it. I'm not kicking myself for enjoying the cleavage that Charli put on display over at the Armani show during Paris Fashion Week. This is about as subdued as the singer gets for public events, working the fairly conservative angle of a tuxedo dress while showing off a huge amount of cleavage. I started to think that maybe I would make fun of her makeup, since it looks too light for her complexion but I actually enjoy the fact that she doesn't look perfect like an American pop singer would. She actually looks like she put the makeup on by herself, and it fits the image that she's been selling of herself all along. I would work on that JLo open fish mouth expression though, because it comes off more like Amy Winehouse drugged up crazy than it does sexy.
Source: Daily Mail

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