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Charisma Carpenter is refreshingly hot at the Thirst Gala

04.20.2017by: Cherry Liquor
The Thirst Gala must be Charisma Carpenter's favorite charity night out. I covered her attendance back in 2014 and then again last year and she was just as hot then as now. I don't think she's sporting the same nipple shields this time as she did in 2014 but it did look as if she was using the double-sided tape trick for this body-hugging gown. Honestly, she looks just as good, if not better, as she did 20 years ago. So whatever's in her water, I wanna bottle that shit and live off of it. I had been hoping that she might get in good with Ryan Murphy, after guest starring in a single episode of Scream Queens, seeing as how he likes to work with the same people on a regular basis. There's still a lot of sexiness to squeeze out of her and I can't think of a time since THE EXPENDABLES or even Veronica Mars that a production has used her to that extent. Such a missed opportunity.
Source: CelebMafia


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