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Chantel Jeffries is the perfect match for boob lovers

03.08.2016by: Droz

I can't comment too much on what Instagram model Chantel Jeffries did to get herself an invite to the premiere of THE PERFECT MATCH last night, other than getting busted by the cops along with Bieber for his now infamous Lamborghini speeding incident. This suggests she's one of the increasing number of hotties who's been contaminated by having intimate contact with the queen of all snot nosed douches. Normally this might make Chantel an instant pass, but I think I might be able to forgive a young, struggling model for making a few bad decisions in a bid to garner more fame/gigs. Most of us have things we did in our youth we regret. Never underestimate the power of huge cleavage readily displayed to right all past wrongs.

Source: NSFW


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