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Chantel Jeffries is a gift to boob lovers everywhere

07.21.2016by: No Cool Handle

It's tough to admit when I agree with Justin Bieber on anything. Thankfully, it's an extremely rare occurrence. I have to give him the slightest of compliments here: he knows how to pick 'em. His former conquest, Chantel Jeffries, looks incredibly hot busting of that two piece. Besides that nice little ass of hers, those tits are something to write home about. Sure, they look propped up, aided by some skilled surgeon's steady hand; but who gives a shit? If anything this is one of the few times I'd agree with any hotties' decision to go under the knife for vanity's sake. The way those juggernauts are so perfectly proportioned to her awesome body significantly contribute to the overall aesthetic. Her choice of suitors may call into question her ability to make good life decisions. But the decision to add a little oomph to those grab bags gives her an all-is-forgiven pass. The real revelation would be if I was wrong, and those things are 100% natural. Beyond coming to that conclusion through my own personal examination, though... that's a tough sell. They look too perfect.

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