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Chanel West Coast's bikini body looks just as good on the East Coast

12.22.2016by: No Cool Handle

Why has no one come up with a good word for a tit selfie? Tit pic doesn't really capture it; it's too on the nose and too all-encompassing. No, we need a word specifically for what Chanel West Coast was caught doing during her Miami Beach vacation – pulling her right boob out in broad daylight and making it the subject of a self-taken photo. Coming up with a single word for this kind of action is more challenging than you would think, but I welcome anyone to give it a go. If we've learned anything from smart phones, it's that hotties are as obsessed with their boobs as any perverted onlooker out there. Chanel was practically doing the paparazzi's tasteless work for them. I did a little bit of digging – looking for the close-up – but she's yet to share it on any of her social media accounts (because of a user agreement infringement?). Odd, considering this little cutie seems to be dying to show them off.

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