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Chanel Iman stepped in for Rihanna at Carnival in Barbados

08.05.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I don't know if I would have paid Chanel Iman much attention if she hadn't shown up in DOPE, one of my favorite movies of last year. And I still don't think I would have cared to spend much time on her if she'd only been the beautiful chick who got topless. Instead, Chanel was funny and spot-on as a spoiled rich girl with a taste for the Molly, turning Lily into one of the funniest hot chick characters of recent years. The leggy model was in Barbados this week for Carnival, something that we usually have pictures of Rihanna getting her wasted groove at, but with a new album in the works finally dropping soon, RiRi was nowhere to be seen and Iman was totally seeable in one of those famously feathered getups that the ladies wear. The only thing sad about this post is the lack of ass shots, which someone should have been more on top of, although I ain't complaining about the front.
Source: GlamAfrica


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