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Chanel Iman checks into the W Hotel while we check her hot self out

08.19.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I really love this chick. Chanel Iman might only be the face of Lily in DOPE for many, the face of numerous fashion companies for others, but damn, I love this chick. At the opening of some posh hotel in Dubai, Iman was on hand with a bunch of other super hot models, there for the eye candy & the paycheck (hell, if you were that good looking, you'd do it too), wearing what looks like simple pair of trousers and a midriff baring top. But it's the kind of top that is see through. And while she's wearing one of those suctioned-on plastic strapless bra things that only work on those with smaller than B-cups, it's still a look that is appreciated when you get up close. She's not working it so hard she's going to break it. And she smiles! How many dour faced, expressionless, mannequin-style models are there because I'm hoping that trend will eventually die. That big, goofy, gummy smile of hers is the icing on the sweet, sweet cake. What a lovely girl, the kind you want to see for a long, long time.
Source: Daily Mail


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