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Chanel Iman wearing skimpy athletic attire to great effect

09.02.2015by: No Cool Handle

Whatever happened to the calf-high, striped socks? I was always a really big fan of that look - not on the guys who ended up adopting it in the 80's. The tight little package - who calls herself Chanel Iman - showed up to the Tommy Hilfiger and Rafael Nadal Launch Global Brand Ambassadorship (jeez) sporting the athletic, short skirt tennis ensemble - complete with the previously mentioned calf-high socks. This is one of my top 10 fantasy outfits. Seeing her perfectly displaying it really kick starts the imagination. Not only cause she looks unbelievably cute in it, but such a short skirt allowing for quick access negates the need to remove any of her attire while things are going on. I almost want to deliberately, physically incapacitate myself so I can just lay there and loop that lucid fantasy over and over again; for all time. I hope one day I come across a set of photos of some Hollywood beauty who made the inspired decision to wear an outfit made up of a side boob, see-thru top and calf-high sock.

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