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Chalke Pregnant?

08.17.2009by: Cherry Liquor

Holy shit on a stick, the hotties are dropping like flies today! First Alyssa Milano gets married (although the expiration date on that is really undetermined), then Rebecca Gayheart appears in a sex tape with her husband and a disgraced former Miss Teen USA (although if no one cares about anyone in the threesome, does that still make it interesting?) and now news is coming out that Sarah Chalke is expecting a baby, due late this winter.

Chalke's rep supposedly reported that the 32 year old actress is knocked up with her first child with fiancee Jamie Afifi, an entertainment lawyer. I would stop to make the obvious jokes over the fact that the dude's last name has "Fifi" in it, but if he's scoring a slice of Dr. Elliot's pie, then I have to give props to the dude, no matter what his name is.

Extra Tidbit: Dammit... I don't like reporting on MILF chichis. It makes me feel like a f*cking perv.
Source: Life & Style


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