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Celine Farach will make you glad you're a member of the men club

05.19.2017by: Droz

It's nice to be a fan of the ladies. I've never understood what women see in a guy. Not that I have a grudge against people who like guys. I just don't understand the appeal. As a guy, I look at my gender and see nothing remotely attractive. Women, on the other hand, are all about attractive. I think even most women are down with that perspective. Unfortunately they're not allowed into the Men's Club, which is where these pics of model Celine Farach source from. Actually, I don't know what that club is, so I guess I'm not a part of it either. Although I know a number of feminists who would argue everything is a men's club. Sure, whatever. All I know is no one should have a problem with a hottie like Celine around in her underwear. Even if you are into the guys, you have to admit this girl looks good.

Celine Farach InstagramCeline Farach InstagramCeline Farach Instagram

Source: GotCelebInstagram


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