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Catherine Zeta-Jones' hotness is back in the spotlight at Dad's Army premiere

01.27.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I know that her personal life in recent years has kept her out of the spotlight but I felt like this dude:

when I saw these red carpet pics of Catherine Zeta-Jones at the London premiere of her latest movie, DAD'S ARMY. While there are still the rumours that Catherine's 46 years has been flubbed (I can't fathom how that's really a conspiracy theory), I still say that she looks amazing regardless of how many trips around the calendar she's made. I'm even willing to see out this movie, seeing as how while CZJ is booking fewer roles than she did in the late '90's-early aughts, when she does show up on screen, she devours the material whole (I'm turned on just thinking about her in SIDE EFFECTS.) And as for Michael Douglas claiming he got cancer from cunnilingus, I can certainly understand how he might think that theory holds water because those legs clearly lead to heaven.

Source: Mirror


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