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Cate In "Indy 4" Trailer!

02.14.2008by: Seth Gecko

My pants are officially soaked gents as I've watched the first trailer for the long-awaited "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" about 6,000 times now and I've practically pissed myself each and every time. It's now my most-anticipated movie of the entire year and May 22nd really couldn't come any faster now. Even though this news has been posted officially on, my intention for this post is focused on a woman whom I've grown quite the obsession for.

The gorgeous Cate Blanchett appears in the trailer as the villain of our story and damn does she looks delicious. This could very well be her hottest and best role to date. To celebrate her superb hotness in this trailer, I've taken a bunch of screencaps from the HD version of the trailer and posted them below for you all to enjoy. So check out Cate below and to see the trailer, click here. Hopefully in the next trailer, we'll see more of Karen Allen.


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