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Cate Blanchett sparkles & shines at Costume Designers Guild Awards

02.25.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I don't know why the aggro Twitter user who claimed that Cate Blanchett was "f*cking gross, dude" on Kimmel's Mean Tweets would think such a thing. I find the Australian actress to be a beautiful creature, although I'm supposed to stop saying that, if I believe every tweet on the planet. Blanchett was radiant in a black sleeveless gown (although it did give her an unfortunate case of vagina armpit) at the Costume Designers Guild Awards on Tuesday night, where she was given the Spotlight Award for her years of killing it on the red carpet thanks to longtime collaborator, Sandy Powell. Powell definitely thinks higher of Cate than some others, stating at the show that she "... is so bloody perfect that it makes you want to give up, come back in another life, and try again." From what I've seen of not only Blanchett's style but her attitude and personality as well, I'd have to agree. Everyone has imperfections but Cate definitely knows how to put the shine on hers and make them work.


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