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Catch Miranda Kerr outside in a nice fitting pair of mom jeans

02.03.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I know I didn't get that stupid phrase right when I created the title for this post because I'm trying to keep myself only vaguely aware of that particular viral bullshit. At least the "Hide yo kids, hide yo wife," shit was funny. Putting that aside, wow, there sure are a shitton of celebs who love going to Catch, a seafood restaurant in Los Angeles with a not really all that notable menu. I could get just about anything they offer down at my local harbor restaurant for nearly half the cost, but then again, who can put a price on getting the chance to see Miranda Kerr pick at a shrimp cocktail? This is probably the first time that I've seen the Aussie model look anything less than perfect, what with her sloppy high ponytail and shiny face in need of a powder. She seemed amiable when stopping to sign autographs for some people outside of the restaurant, even posing casually for pictures before heading off holding the hand of one of her friends. I wonder if the joint gave her a meal for free - those tight jeans she's wearing are from her recent photoshoot for Mother Denim, begging the question of whether she took them home as swag. The little zig-zag pattern on the back pockets certainly matches up.

Source: Zimbio


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