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Cassie Ventura pulled out all the stops for The Perfect Match premiere

03.08.2016by: No Cool Handle

A stunningly beautiful young woman; A pop singer of some note; and P. Diddy's girlfriend? - Ugh! This proves that females are attracted to wealth, fame and power above anything else. There's no other set of circumstances in existence (and don't give me that true love bulls**t) where Sean Combs, of all people, bags an almost perfect babe like Cassie Ventura. She is as close to flawless as a hottie can get. Check out the stunning exhibition that was her red carpet walk - the girl was on top of her sexy game. I hardly ever focus my attention on the subjects back but make sure you see the shot of her backless gown - you'll see an awesome vision of her smooth, flawless, caramel skin. Damn! - This girl needs to increase her time in the limelight ten fold. Maybe if THE PERFECT MATCH does ok at the box office we'll be seeing a lot more of Ms. Cassie... Fingers crossed.

Extra Tidbit: Ditch Diddy!!
Source: Got Celeb


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