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Cassie Scerbo brings her universal hotness to the Voyage of Time premiere

09.30.2016by: No Cool Handle

They say the human body is a universe unto itself; a microcosm of the infinite – and if you've ever watched one of those documentaries that explore our inner workings on a cellular level, you'll know that's more than an analogy, it's a reality. So when Terrence Malick is ready to continue his exploration of existence, may I suggest he point his IMAX camera in Cassie Scerbo's direction? What better subject to study the fascinating universe of the human body than she? With so many of her wonders yet to be discovered, there's no better eye to photograph said parts than that of Terrence Malick. Until that day, these awesome images of her attendance to the VOYAGE OF TIME premiere will suffice. The scorching hot blonde willingly offered up plenty of her terrain for hottie voyagers to explore; boobs abound, delivered via a décolletage dress. This curvaceous beauty created her own red carpet, IMAX experience.

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