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Cassie Scerbo acts silly, looks hot at the 2015 Thirst Gala

07.02.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I'm guessing that most of the world is fairly unaware of who Cassie Scerbo is, even if she's been acting for the past 10 years. For some, they'll probably recognize her from the original SHARKNADO movie (and don't worry fans! She's back in SHARKNADO 3: OH HELL NO!), for others, perhaps the show "Make It or Break It." For me, oddly enough, it's the hyper-cheery TV movie, TEEN SPIRIT, where her character, a popular but bitchy cheerleader, dies from some random electrocution incident and ends up a ghost who can't go to heaven until she helps out a less fortunate "ugly" girl (played by Lindsey Shaw, one of my faves from "Ned's Declassified..."). Scerbo sadly gets overlooked in the babe department because of her overwhelmingly Disney/Family Channel sidekick character roles but the girl has an insane body and when she's a brunette (because while she's frequently blonde, it's a case of it really not suiting her) she's truly stunning. I cannot figure out why she was sticking her tongue out and doing the thumbs down on the red carpet at the 2015 Thirst Gala (which helps raise funds for impoverished locations where fresh water is scarce) but I actually find it kind of charming. As for her hanging out with another rather unsung babe, Alyson Stoner, if only we could see more of the both of them... in a state of undress... being all provocative and shit, for charity, of course. 
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