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Cassie Cardelle and her magnificent booty bring 138 Water to the streets

02.02.2017by: Droz

If you don't know Cassie Cardelle, suffice it to say that she's one of those many 138 Water models who do such a fine job of making their product seem like something more significant than bottled tap water. Cassie is particularly good at her job there, thanks to what she's got going out the back of her bikinis.

Cassie Cardelle 138 Water bikini booty

I can't say for certain if Cassie's stroll down LA streets in her shiny, silver tights is 138's attempt to move their gratuitous advertising away from the beach and into a more urban environment. The plainly obvious results are no less spectacular though. There's an ass that could sell ice water to Eskimos.

Source: Hawt Celebs


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