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Cassidy Morris makes you wanna zoom zoom zoom in Yume magazine

03.03.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I thought this girl looked vaguely familiar but to be fair, it was hard to concentrate on her face when she was showing so much fit young body in the current issue of Yume magazine. Cassidy Morris is a New Zealand model who has gotten some attention in the past year for keeping up with some well-known company. Back in mid-2016, Cassidy was seen on the Snapchat of Kylie Jenner as the youngest Kardoucheian tried to tease Morris by mocking her Kiwi accent... only to come off sounding like Julia Roberts in MARY REILLY (for those who don't get that joke, well, I'm not explaining it to you). Morris looks like your typical young adult obsessed with trout pouting in her selfies if you're so inclined to check out her Instagram. Or you can cruise through these sexy poolside shots of her in Yume magazine and enjoy the supple nubile flesh so delightfully photographed.
Source: Yume


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