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Carrie Keagan dresses to hypnotize at the Critics Choice Awards

01.16.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Since we all know that the People's Choice Awards are a joke, what with the stellar sense of talent and style that Americans have, why not turn our attention to the Critics Choice Awards instead? Because we know those guys never get it wrong, what with their finger on the pulse of all that is good in this entertainment world. No, I'm not bitter, just disenfranchised. Of course, it might also be due to the headache that Carrie Keagan's dress is giving me. I happen to really dig Keagan and her anti-body stature, robust in all the great ways, but there's something that screams circus lady to me about this strangely patterned and oddly cut gown. Although I'll hand it to the hairstylist for trying to save the whole look by completing it with a braid down the top center of Carrie's head. It looks cool in that tragically uncool way. As for Keagan's other professional work, she's got a couple of low budget horror films, FETISH FACTORY and THE FIANCE due out later this year. Perhaps those will scare us less than this.
Source: Daily Mail


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