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Caroline Wozniacki looks like a winner in Esquire & at Pre-Wimbledon party

06.24.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I have got to get myself better acquainted with some of these younger tennis players. Frankly, I don't watch much in terms of televised sports outside of the NHL, so unless there's a player who has been featured favorably or criminally in the news, I don't recognize names or their rankings or their overall importance in the grand scheme of life. But these pics of tennis hottie Caroline Wozniacki in the pages of Esquire look sexier than anything I've seen since Anna Kournikova was the ball juggling babe that Maxim and the lot were obsessed with. Caroline apparently is currently ranked 37th, although that's behind Maria Sharapova who has been disqualified from playing for her usage of a heart medication that can influence player performance. Which just left the red carpet at the pre-Wimbledon party open for Woz to strut in and be the hottest blonde in the room, with her tight suede dress hugging all of those athletic curves. Denmark must be proud right now.
Source: Got Celeb


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