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Caroline Vreeland looks like a lot of fun

03.06.2017by: Droz

I don't have to point out what I believe makes model and singer Caroline Vreeland look like such a good time. Nah, she's doing that for us with her outfit at this Paris fashion event thing. If you don't know about Caroline, I'll briefly catch you up. Seems Caroline comes from a fashion-minded family. Her great-grandmother was a fashion editor at Harper's Bazaar at some point. Caroline was also a contestant on American Idol once and has her own album out. She also kind of reminds me of a mid to late 90s Jeri Ryan doing her big titty Borg thing on Star Trek: Voyager.

So yeah, Caroline does some stuff. Now let's get to the pair of elephants in the room. You have to admire hotties who understand what they got up top and aren't afraid to make a spectacle out of it. Let's be honest - tits as big as Caroline's were going to be spectacles anyway. So why not own that shit? Yeah, serve up them massive hooters every chance you get. Be proud of what you got. I know I would be, were those mine to motorboat every chance she gave me.

Stacked Caroline VreelandStacked Caroline VreelandStacked Caroline VreelandStacked Caroline VreelandStacked Caroline VreelandStacked Caroline Vreeland

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