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Carmen In Bedroom!

01.08.2008by: Seth Gecko

carmenthumb.jpgYou all know how much I love Carmen Electra and I know how much you all love her. She's perfection in the flesh because even though she has no acting talent at all, we can never make fun of her because she's so goddamn hot. With that said, I have a gift for all of you today that I hope you enjoy as much as I will (Please don't let your mind wander!).

In the two videos below, we get a large glimpse of one of Carmen's hottest acts to date in her new "Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease" DVD set. In the first video, Carmen shows us how she stretches in bed before the big event and I have no doubt in my mind that you'll be begging your significant other to perform same these moves for you in no time at all. The second video shows Carmen in a high-rise Las Vegas suite where she slips on a tight maroon outfit and shows us what she does best. It's an incredible performance and Carmen deserves a salute from us here at

I will admit though that it's false advertising because Carmen never actually "strips" in these videos. She just rolls around with a pillow which looks kinda stupid honestly. It's forgivable however because she does the hottest moves and we practically strip her down in our minds anyways. So take a gander at the two smokin' videos below and a big thanks goes out to DamianVonBarone for the help!


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