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Carmen Electra's ass needs a cameo in the Baywatch movie

03.21.2016by: No Cool Handle

At the age of 43, Carmen Electra can now be referred to as an oldie but goodie. It's one thing when a hottie with good genes ages with grace, it's another thing when a hottie can still maintain the kind of sex appeal she still so firmly possesses. She's not even rumored to have a cameo in the up-and-coming BAYWATCH flick; why not? Even if she's a decade or so past her prime, she still has that pinup, poster girl appeal that – while still beautiful – younger hotties like KELLY ROHRBACH can't begin to touch. Carmen's tight ass looks better in these spandex pants than Kelly's does in a thong, and that's saying something about her age defying awesomeness. I'm not a pollster, but what do you guys think? Should they have given Ms. Electra here one last bouncy jog across the sandy battlefield? Or did she join the cast of the show too late to be considered for such a send-off?

Source: Got Celeb


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