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Carmella Rose's amazing ass gets the artistic treatment

05.25.2016by: No Cool Handle

Rightfully so! It's at the very least, sensible, that a work of art like Carmella Rose's ass would be presented in such an artistic manner, as they are in these photos by the ever skillful Khoa Bui. There's nary a perfectly proportioned part of her that isn't worthy of pretension. She's been the best kept secret of the modeling world. Ok. Perhaps secret is a bit of a stretch when taking the amount of admirers she has on social media into consideration. I'm talking about the lack of inclusion from larger businesses who rely on bodies like hers to better sell their products – Victoria's Secret, Beach Bunny swimwear and so on and so forth. She seems a prime candidate for a scintillating Lui Magazine spread. If you follow the link below to the NSFW video, you'll see she's hardly reluctant when it comes to "putting herself out there."

Topless Shoot

Source: Khoa Bui


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