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Carmella Rose proudly presents her booty

03.21.2017by: No Cool Handle

There's a reason Carmella Rose was able to build a solid social media presence with nothing but a little time, effort and "can do" attitude – and yes, an amazingly tight body. The beautiful images she creates has inspired over 1 million impressionable people to click follow on her Instagram account, and after checking out this little stint for some website called Life Without Andy (I found a few nice lookin' girls when I gave it a quick clicking through), you too may find yourself following Carmella Rose. I admit, I never follow anyone on Twitter or Instagram; there's no need. One look at a hottie of her caliber and I never forget to come back for a rummage through her newly released photos. However, no selfie can compete with a collection like this, almost comprised entirely of splendid ass shots. What a body on this girl! My commitment to sharing all of the latest and greatest Carmella Rose content has been fully renewed.v

Source: LWA


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