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Carmella Rose loves the skin she's in

05.03.2017by: No Cool Handle

Along with the likes of Bryana Holly, Carmella Rose is to be considered one of the industries top supermodels – in the purist sense of the term. Everything from form to confidence comes through perfectly in each of the hypersexy shoots she poses for; she's comfortable in her own skin, not the least bit conflicted about posing in the nude (implied or unobstructed), her body is long, slender, yet curvy in all the right places and has that soul piercing gaze down pat – all of which are requisites if a hottie wishes to be deemed a supermodel. The only area in which she's lacking is in broader recognition. You don't see her putting in work for major players like Victoria's Secret's or any number of big bikini designers too often, but that's still not enough to strip her of the coveted job title. I'm fine with this stellar babe clinging to her freelance status. Artist do their best work early on, when still in the trenches, not during the cushy corporate enslavement phase of their career.

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