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Carmella Rose goes noir with her crazy hotness

06.14.2016by: Droz

The second of our 3 roses arrives in the form of Carmella Rose, doing a spread for Ninety Five Noir. We post a lot of Carmella around here, for reasons which are obvious when you look at her in this spread. She is so amazing in so many ways. We've been dealing with a lot of ugliness lately in the world, but it's creatures like Carmella which keep me mindful of the fact that there is still beauty to behold in the midst of ugliness. The challenge is trying to decide which part of Carmella I find the most beautiful. Is it her angel face? Or her perfect body? Or the fact that she gets naked more often than a nudist? These are all great things. I can't decide. Try checking out the NSFW video from her spread below and see if you can select the best aspect of Carmella.

Source: Yumemag


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